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4.5 semble un chiffre rond pour Broadsign novembre 28, 2007

Posted by Philippe Gauvin in affichage numérique, affichage numérique Québec, broadsign, canada, china, chine, digital signage, inde, india, logiciel, montreal, screens.


Après avoir récemment annoncé un investissement de 4.5M$ pour Montréal, c’est en Asie que le leader des logiciels pour ADN investit maintenant 4.5M$. Ils ont récemment gagné une soumission pour un réseau de 300 écrans en Inde, devançant une vingtaine de compétiteurs, qui devrait croître rapidement.

Selon Rick Engels, CEO de Broadsign, beaucoup de magasins au détail ouvrent leurs portes en Inde et incluent l’ADN dans le plan de départ, facilitant ainsi le processus d’installation. La classe moyenne de l’Inde inclut  250 M de personnes et est en pleine expansion.

Le centre de support de Broadsign à Montréal offre du soutien technique jour et nuit en 10 langues et dans plus de 25 pays. La Chine et l’Inde sont ainsi de « petits » ajouts pour l’entreprise 😉


1. andrew - décembre 7, 2007

Well it certainly seems like 2008 ,with growth predictions upwards of 300+% yearly for next 5 years ,stands to be one of the most exciting investments for those who will be the first ones to the stock market..

I have read that Scala is at present one of the largest market share holders but Broadsign’s low set up cost and unlimited growth within its system makes them a key player in this ever expanding signage market..

Recurring revenue models which are Wall Streets favorites is one that Broadsign has chosen ,indeed makes them a great candidate for just such a move..

It will be interesting to watch this growth and who will be the true leaders and who will fall into the great abyss..
Cost all around have diminished as well as ease and user friendly environments with easy expansion seems to also be customers favorite ,and if this is any indication ,it seems Broadsign is on its way to being one of the new leaders in the industry..

Myself I am anxiously waiting for any of these comapnies to go on the stock market and we shall let the price be set..
I say hold on to your pants ,with growth being so large in the next 5 years ,this could turn out to be the next Google story..
Who will be the first and who will survive depends on adaptability and as for the advertisers indeed those 30-60 seconds massive cost commercials will be a thing of the past where as whoever adapts to 5-15 seconds loops will also set the stage for themselves to be the leaders..
So many offshoots ,so much growth ,myself count me in .I will be eagerly watching to see who will be the first to market and yes I will definitely invest ..
Best of luck Broadsign and congrats on your continues growth

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